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What People are Saying About Sharon Wallin:

"We have had the good fortune to be close personal friends with Sharon Wallin over the past 30 years. All of our children progressed through the Irvine School system together. We witnessed, firsthand, her passionate commitment to education. The IUSD is so fortunate to have a dedicated and committed school board candidate such as Sharon Wallin running for reelection. Sharon is passionate about the interests of the children and cares deeply about the quality of education for all students. She is fiscally responsible, an excellent listener and problem solver, and fully considers all options prior to making professional decisions. You will never find a more loyal, informed, and principled candidate for the position of school board member. We encourage everyone to vote and help get Sharon re-elected to the Irvine School Board." - Caryn and Don Altman

"Vote for Sharon Wallin for Irvine School Board. There simply isn't anyone else with as much knowledge, experience, empathy, integrity and leadership than Sharon. As past President of Irvine Council PTA, Measure E Chair, Community Leader and an Irvine parent, it has been my honor and privilege to work with Sharon over the past several years. I trust her with my childrens' education and so should you." - Connie Stone, Irvine Community Leader

"As a retired IUSD teacher with over 37 years of experience, I am proud to endorse Sharon Wallin as a School Board candidate.  We first met in 1986, as founding members of Meadow Park Elementary School, where she stood out as a parent leader.  In Sharon's sixteen years on the IUSD School Board we had many opportunities to  collaborate on a variety of educational projects.  Always an active listener and critical thinker, Sharon uses her knowledge and experience to relentlessly pursue educational excellence for all member of our Irvine community, students, parents, and teachers." - Jeanne Hunter, Retired Irvine Teacher

"Sharon Wallin is the best informed and most hard working candidate and she is widely supported by parents, teachers, and students for her vision for, and commitment to, the Irvine Unified School District. As a long time school board member, Sharon has an impressive track record with the District, which she has helped guide to continued excellence for many years. As a former IUSD Teacher of the Year, I have spoken personally with Sharon about areas of concern and I have found her to be not only a great listener, but someone who is willing to take immediate action to support students and teachers. I could not give higher praise nor a stronger endorsement to anyone other than Sharon Wallin!" - Jon Pang, Irvine Teacher

"As a government and history teacher at Northwood High since 2001, I have seen firsthand the positive impact Sharon Wallin has had on our district. She has always promoted what is best for students, parents, teachers, and staff. She has built strong relationships with all the key stakeholders within IUSD and in the city of Irvine. Sharon has also developed strong collaborative relationships with the other board members, and is consensus-oriented in her approach. Having spent time with her on a student trip to Sacramento, I know that she has a thorough understanding of what our district needs from California State policymakers. Her deep institutional knowledge is unmatched. We need her for another term on our school board!" - Vadim Rubin, Irvine Teacher

"Sharon is focused on our kids and that is what we need on our School Board!" - Lindsay Williams, Irvine Teacher

"I am a high school history teacher at Irvine High School and the Social Science Department Chair. Sharon has worked tirelessly to help support students and teachers in Irvine. I have worked with her as she has volunteered her time to prepare students from Irvine to travel up to Sacramento to be advocates for education. She is insightful, compassionate and relentless in her support of students and educators in Irvine Unified School District. I give my full support to Sharon in her re-election campaign!" - Courtney Smith, Irvine Teacher

"As California Teacher of the Year Finalist, Orange County Teacher of the Year, and IUSD Elementary Teacher of the Year, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about many school districts across California and around the United States. There is no stronger advocate for students focused, progressive, quality education than Sharon Wallin. I whole heartedly endorse her re-election to the IUSD school board." - Scott Bedley, Irvine Teacher

"I am both an Irvine resident and a teacher at Meadow Park Elementary and I endorse the re-election of Sharon Wallin to the Irvine School Board." - Jes Bracken, Irvine Teacher

"Thank you for your continuing support of our schools. As a teacher in IUSD, I appreciate how you listen and work for balance and equality for all students." - Katherine Jacobs, Irvine Teacher

"It is an honor to support Sharon Wallin in her re-election campaign for School Board. Sharon Wallin and I first met when I was an Irvine Teachers Association School Site Representative for University High School. She wanted to know my experiences as a teacher, if policies were reaching the classroom level which they were. I found her knowledgable. Her children went from K-12 in Irvine Unified and she has deep roots in our community. She cares about the health and well being of our students. Vote for Sharon Wallin for School Board!" - Haley Dawson, Irvine Teacher

"I’ve known Sharon for over 30 years. There is no one who is more knowledgeable and caring then her. Her dedication and love for our children and our city has no limits." - Leslie Szeto

"Sharon is a blessing to all of the Irvine families.  Her only agenda is a better education for our children." - Nancy Warren

"Sharon has been a positive supporter of children and teachers in Irvine." - Jennifer Di Bias, Irvine Teacher

"I am a teacher in Irvine and I endorse Sharon Wallin.  Sharon stands behind public schools so I am standing behind her." - Lauren Hoffman, Irvine Teacher

"Our students need Sharon! As school board member, she has always advocated for students. We need her to continue to serve so Irvine students continue to receive the same great education." - John Beckman, Irvine Teacher

"Sharon Wallin cares deeply about our students and educators. A few months ago I went to a board meeting and was immediately impressed by her knowledge of the issues and by her insightful questions. I endorse Sharon Wallin!" - Heidi Martasian, Irvine Teacher

"Re-elect Sharon Wallin! As an Irvine teacher and resident, I could not endorse a better candidate. She cares about Irvine schools and what is best for teachers and students." - Lauren Belcher, Irvine Teacher

"Sharon Wallin has represented Irvine students and families on the IUSD school board for longer than I've been a teacher in Irvine. In doing so, her record is clear and demonstrates her consistent advocacy for high quality schools, programs, student services and teachers. There is no better choice for continued success." - John Valerie, Irvine Teacher

"As an alumnus and teacher in IUSD, I know that Sharon Wallin understands the needs of students and staff. She is an incredible listener, who for years has staunchly advocated for fairness, innovation, and accountability in our schools. Her experience is an indispensable asset that makes me confident to work in and send my children to Irvine schools. Support a bright future for IUSD by Re-Electing Sharon Wallin." - Jon Resendez, Irvine Teacher 

"I am an Irvine resident and teacher. I whole heartedly support Sharon Wallin!" - Lisa Hickman, Irvine Teacher

"Honest, dedicated, and stands for the interests of teachers. I'm proud to support Sharon." - Donald Buckley, Irvine Teacher

"Sharon has had a positive impact on our Irvine schools! Re-elect Sharon Wallin!" - Jennifer Diaz, Irvine Teacher

"Sharon is a champion of the Irvine Unified School District. She advocates for all students, families and teachers. With over 14 years of service and impeccable leadership, the families can not go wrong with proven success. Sharon serves on the School Board for all the right reasons. Her passion for a strong educational community began years ago. She is an independent thinker, a team builder and servant to all constituents within the community. Keep it up Sharon!" - Nora Seager, Irvine Teacher

"Sharon has spent years advocating for Irvine students. She promotes mental wellness and worked hard to ensure programs are available for high school, middle, and elementary sites. I’ve had the privilege of meeting with her to discuss the continued quality of our stellar schools. She is an asset to students, parents, IUSD, and teachers. I’ve been a 2nd grade teacher at Westpark for the past 21 years. Additionally, I serve as the Secretary for ITA’s Executive Board. In that role I hear from teachers and Sharon always listens to the concerns the board passes on. She graciously meets with board members throughout the year. We are so fortunate to have her!" - Kimberly Howell, Irvine Teacher

"I have known Sharon since 1994! I marvel at her attention to detail, while keeping the big picture in mind.  Sharon never tires in advocating for Students at both ends of the academic and behavioral spectrum while always supporting teaches and parents.  Her integrity is beyond reproach and her sense of fairness impressive." - Lynn Kaminsky, Retired Irvine Counselor at Rancho Middle School

"Sharon wants IUSD to be the best of the best. She cares about the students and the parents and the teachers. Sharon is a wonderful voice for our district and the school board." - Sonia Kearney, Irvine Teacher

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